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Are You, Your Spouse, or Child High-Risk Drivers – Consider Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage

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16 February 2017 Bookmark and Share

Be honest when you answer this question. Are you (or anyone covered by your auto-insurance policy) a high risk driver? If yes, then this blog post can (and should be) a sobering read.

Do you have someone in your family that you even suspect has operated (or will operate) a vehicle while impaired? If yes this should scare you sober because should that person injure or kill another with a motor vehicle you could very likely be successfully sued far beyond the limits of your automobile personal injury liability coverage. In that case, your personal assets (car, house, investments, retirement savings, checking and savings accounts, and even future income) goes at risk to settle that judgement. What are your options to protect against this unthinkable situation?

You have two primary options. Increasing your automobile and/or your personal liability insurance coverage policies liability limits is one avenue; however, this can be both expensive and limited. The expensive part is self-explanatory yet a worthy option to investigate. The limited part is because the additional insurance dollars you invest are specific to automobile accidents. Enter the umbrella insurance option.

An umbrella insurance policy will cover auto accident personal injury liability beyond your maximum coverage. However, an umbrella policy does more as it covers most any judgement that finds you liable and decrees that you pay damages. Today you can be sued for just about anything (someone slips/falls on your property, you serve your dinner guest an allergen, you dog attacks a visiting child, etc. These things happen on a daily basis all across America.

Umbrella insurance is surprisingly affordable and one of the greatest values for any insurance dollar. You will sleep better talking things over with your independent insurance agent. That agent does not need to know the specifics of your worry. They simply need to know an amount that you wish to be covered beyond your car and home insurance policies. Typical umbrella insurance policies are written at one to three million dollars and will likely run you just a couple of hundred (certainly not thousands of dollars) a year.

If you live in Virginia, Maryland, or DC contact us. As an independent insurance agent we’ll shop dozens of A-1 rated carriers for an umbrella policy that will not only be affordable but will help you sleep better at night.

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