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Chiropractic Liability Insurance – Sometimes More Than Spines Need Straightening Out - VA, MD, DC

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20 December 2016 Bookmark and Share

Some of the saddest stories come out of our Chiropractic clients who work so hard to relieve pain only to suffer the pain of lawsuits. Sadly, lawsuits are an increasing weapon of choice for those seeking an easy way out. Even when you are the absolute best at what you do, the power of a complainant can be as overwhelming as it is patently unfair. You simply must have comprehensive chiropractor liability insurance that is not only custom to fit your individual professional risk and risk tolerance, but also offers the very best value for that coverage. You get there via one single avenue and that is by only trusting independent insurance professionals who work for you and not for the insurance industry and the insurance carriers that they represent.

We understand that the services offered for chiropractic care may vary from one chiropractor to another. That is why the chiropractic insurance policies that we write throughout VA, MD, DC are based on the specific needs and distinct risks that we identify with you personally and with only your best interest in mind. In the event of a professional liability claim, we're there for you to help in any way we can which includes reviewing your policy alongside you to provide insights that might otherwise escape you and your legal team. One thing we ensure is that our policies cover you for legal fees even if (and especially when) claims against you are groundless, false, or fraudulent. In other words, you can face these lawsuits or claims without worrying that your profession and practice are in jeopardy.

To find out more about the chiropractic insurance policies that we write throughout VA, MD, DC, contact TriState Business Insurance.

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