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Chiropractor Liability Insurance -- Risk Therapy For Your Clinic - VA, MD, DC

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30 June 2016 Bookmark and Share

The risks that chiropractors face are as diverse as the ailments you treat. This demands that your business' insurance coverage be uniquely tailored to your specific needs and risks. The custome chiropractor liability insurance policies that we produce on your behalf are the product of in-depth understanding of you and your business and even deeper investment on our part to research over a dozen insurance providers to secure the most coverage and the best value for your insurance dollar.

No two clinics are the same. The chiropractic insurance policies that we secure for our chiropractor clients throughout VA, MD, DC will produce better value for you and your business. We don't give you the "ten minutes will save you ten percent" baloney because that marketing ploy simply is unrealistic. While the cost saving results of our consult and research vary from client to client based on a hot of different factors (and yes very often do result in lower coverage premiums), what we absolutely guarantee you is the end product WILL deliver you better value. We've secured greater coverage at half the cost for some clients, but anyone who promises that level of result up front (and prior to exhaustive market research) is not serving as an honest broker. Again, the individual needs of you, your service offerings, your location, your staff (and other variables) drive what liability insurance you need and ultimately the cost.

Only an independent business insurance agency can divest of the conflict of interest that direct insurance sales agents have when addressing the your needs versus the needs of the insurance company they represent. That is why it is a must to plan and customize your chiropractic insurance with an independent insurance firm such as ours. This is one way to ensure that you will have a comprehensive coverage to secure your reputation, possession, practice, and business in the event that a lawsuit is filed against you on the grounds of malpractice.

To find out more about chiropractic insurance policies, contact TriState Business Insurance.

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