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Custom Boat Insurance Policy from TriState Provides Specific Coverage Options for Off-Season So You Won’t be Caught Off Guard - VA, MD, DC

- Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Even if you are the diligent type of boat owner who goes through all the required steps to winterize your boat every year, there may be one element of the process you have overlooked. If you haven’t already, you must also be checking or customizing a boat coverage with an independent agent in order to really make sure that you are maintaining the right coverage for your boat during the off-season.

While it may be tempting to cancel a policy to save a few dollars when your boat is not in use and is laid up during winter, it is important to know the probable risks that your boat can still face while it is in storage. Fire, flood, vandalism, and theft do not only happen in the warmer months as they can be considered as year-round threats. Remember that if you were to terminate your boat policy for the cold months, and a theft, if not some other calamity, were to happen, you could be responsible for paying for any repairs or damages yourself. That is why the TriState boat insurance policies (in VA, MD, DC) provide you with specific coverage options for the off-season so you will not be caught off guard when one of these misfortunes happens to your boat.

To find out more about your coverage options for boat insurance particularly in winter, contact TriState Business Insurance.