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Distracted Driving Drives Need For Umbrella Insurance

- Thursday, September 07, 2017
TriState Business Insurance - auto umbrella insurance in VA, MD, and DC

Stop and think for a moment.  Have I (or any member of my family) ever operated a vehicle while distracted.  If your being honest with yourself, the answer most certainly is yes.  Are you certain that every member of your family drives 100% of the time fully rested, attentive, and non-impaired?  If your not sure, then consider the life-changing impact should you or a family member cause serious bodily injury while operating a vehicle while tired, distracted, or impaired. You could face a judgement in court well above your auto-insurance policy limits.  That means funding from savings or via the sale of personal property at best, bankruptcy at worst.  

It's not a pleasant thing to think about, but every head of household needs to consider the worst case fiscal scenarios and be prepared to act.  As it pertains to children, the risk associated with limited driving experience is a concern for any parent whose handed keys over to a child.  The subject of "umbrella insurance" is something every head of household should discuss with their financial adviser and/or their automobile insurance agent.  The level of risk that we each carry varies greatly from person to person and household to household.  Given that a catastrophic automobile accident due to inexperience and/or judgement can render judgments against you beyond your current policy limits should move you to consider umbrella insurance coverage if only for the relatively short period of time that young drivers are covered under your auto insurance policy.  

Umbrella insurance coverage expands far beyond just automobile insurance liability.  This form of additional insurance is a common coverage for those who own pools.  Umbrella policies can also cover you for civil and criminal legal judgments. 

The one comfortable thing about this subject is that you will likely find that umbrella insurance is surprisingly affordable and something that serves up an incredible value in peace of mind alone.Talk to a TriState Business Insurance on your options for umbrella insurance in VA, MD, and DC.