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Fidelity Bond: Guarantees Employers to Hire Honest Employees - Fairfax, VA

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10 June 2014 Bookmark and Share

Fidelity Bond in Fairfax, VA is a form of business insurance protecting employers against the fraudulent or dishonest actions of their employeess such as embezzlement. With this insurance policy, the employers are guaranteed of a protection proportional to their net capital. This means that such bond coverage is based on the value of the properties at risk.

It is purchased by employers to protect them from any loss of money or property. Employers are covered by a fidelity bond against forgery, larceny, and fraudulent trading done by bonded employees. This bond coverage becomes effective immediately on the employee's first day of employment. Often, this business insurance is also called fidelity guarantee insurance or employee dishonesty insurance.

Fidelity bond coverage protects a company's assets and other properties. The employers are the policy holders that are covered in cases of company losses incurred as a result of any deceitful deed done by specified high-risk individuals. The latter pertain to job seekers or employees who are considered high risk as a result of a few factors relative to their personal and employment background.

Company employers or business owners must consider a fidelity bond when one or more employees are being entrusted to handle monetary transactions and others business operations pertaining to dealing valuable assets.

Find the Fidelity Bond that can guarantee the best business services bonds and benchmark employee dishonesty bonds. This is most convenient to those who have their own professional offices such as physicians and certified public accountants. Non-profit organizations can also benefit from this kind of insurance policy considering that they usually have projects with specific time frame and is prone to frequent hiring of new employees.

Fidelity bonds shields you against frauds. So it is best to consult an expert from the Tristate Business Insurance and have an insurance policy that uniquely fits your terms and conditions.

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