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How to Get The Best Value for Small Business Insurance in VA, MD, and DC

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7 May 2014 Bookmark and Share

When shopping for the best value small business insurance in Virginia, Maryland, and/or DC, one should strongly reconsider going with the “Flo” or heeding the advice of talking ducks. Care to guess who pays the billions of dollars it requires the big-name insurance companies to advertise all day and every day on TV? Correct. It is all of you who blindly follow these slick thick-pocketed advertisers. Unlike the duck or woman with a fictitious price gun, you home town independent small business insurance agent represents you, not the monstrous corporate giants of big advertising.

Outstanding Service
Customer satisfaction defines the success of all commercial insurance companies. Choose an insurance company who works first and foremost for you, not some corporate giant. Your hometown small business insurance agents at TriState Business Insurance are here to rapidly respond to your needs. Your friends at Tristate Business Insurance possess over 40 years of small business insurance agency experience.

Affordable Cost
Every business has unique small business insurance needs. Make no mistake, business insurance for small bar or taverns differs greatly from business insurance for automotive repair shops. We are supremely qualified to consult and advise the types and level of coverage’s required to properly protect you, your family, and your business. We say “properly” because without doubt both the duck and the woman with the price gun on TV will try to needlessly over-insure you in order to repay all that advertising expense.

The bottom line here is your local independent business insurance agent is the person to trust. He or she will save you time and secure for you the best value for your insurance dollar. They are also your friends and neighbors who genuinely care for you infinitely more than those colorful characters on TV. If you seek small business insurance in VA, MD, and DC, we can provide you with that personal touch. Please contact us anytime for your free consult.

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