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Humorously Insane Claims That Got Paid – You Just Gotta Laugh

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14 March 2017 Bookmark and Share

When you’ve been in the insurance industry as long as we have, nothing much ever surprises us anymore. In fact, some of the claims-related incidents are quite entertaining (as long as nobody gets hurt). Just for laughs, here are two head-shaking stories regarding auto insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Here’s a claim handled a few years ago. The case involves an insured infatuated with fireworks. He loved them so much he spent a couple thousand dollars a year to shoot them off in his field. One year, the insured loaded the back of his truck with fireworks and began making his way home when he decided to smoke a cigarette. Upon finishing, he tossed the end of the cigarette out the window, but wind blew the butt into the truck bed. Care to guess the ending of this story? You got it, the bed of the truck blew up causing major damage to the bed of the vehicle. The claim was fully paid to repair the damaged truck bed, and in addition, a claim was paid to steam clean the soiled driver seat as well.

Here’s another one.

Dog gone it. You just never know what you’ll be sued for.

An auto repair shop owner’s employee always brought his dog to work. One day, while at the garage, a door inadvertently crashed down on one of the dog’s legs. Later, in lieu of veterinary expenses, the employee submitted a workers’ comp claim on behalf of the dog claiming the regular and routine reporting to the auto shop constituted employment as a watchdog. The claim was paid. You just never know, dog.

All funniness aside, make sure you have your personal and business insurance periodically reviewed to address the changing nature and value of your assets. If you want an independent insurance agent without ANY direct ties to the insurance, carriers to review you auto or business insurance policies in VA, MD, or DC, then give us a call.

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