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Insurance Considerations for Restaurant and Bar Owners in VA, DC, MD

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8 May 2018 Bookmark and Share

If you own a restaurant or bar and have not recently reviewed your business insurance policy, now is a good time to do so. You could be the victim of a poorly written restaurant business insurance policy in Virginia, Maryland, or DC that does not insure the most valuable parts of your restaurant business.

For instance, does your current restaurant business insurance policy cover you for spoilage? How about loss of revenue due to business shut-down due to the building owner’s violation of building codes? What if you valet service decides to drive off with a customer’s Maserati? These are the type of things that have happened in the past to restaurant owners and will happen again. Don’t let it happen to you.

One of the best things you might ever do to preserve your piece of mind (and potentially save your business) is to review your current restaurant insurance policy with an independent business insurance agent such as your friends and neighbors at TriState Business Insurance. If your business is located in Virginia, Maryland, or DC, we will review your current policy free of charge and give you a personal consult on the quality of your coverage.

Unlike insurance agents who work directly for big-name insurance carriers, we are not motivated to sell you insurance. Agents work for big name carriers do that….they work for the big name carrier, not you. Their success depends on how much money those insurance sales agents brig to the big name company. We are interested in researching and securing for you the best quality and best value available from all the major carriers. We have allegiance to any single insurance carrier and thus we have no conflict of interest like those insurance agents who work directly for their insurance carriers. And the fact is that no single insurance carrier provides high value business insurance across the board. Once big name insurer might provide quality restaurant insurance yet offer very poor workers compensation business insurance coverage. However, the restaurant owner requires both types of insurance coverage..

The big takeaway here is this. Only an independent insurance agent can work for you, totally, and without a single conflict of interest. All insurance agents who work directly for a insurance carrier have conflicts of interest that will impact the overall value you get for your insurance dollar.

Contact us to learn how to really save money and secure greater protection for your insurance dollar.

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