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Life Insurance – What are Your Options as A Married Woman – Middleburg, VA

- Monday, April 11, 2016

A common financial planning mistake across America is the short-sided decision to insure only the wage earner. Often times the unemployed female member of the family goes without life insurance coverage in the mistaken belief that life insurance serves only to protect income. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

It goes without saying that the unemployed family member makes major contributions in caring for the home and family. Should that person suddenly disappear, there will be costs associated. We're not talking burial and other death-related costs, but the house management tasks (cooking, cleaning, child care (if applicable), etc) all add up. Therefore, discussing your options regarding life insurance with an independent agent is highly advised.

The life insurance policies that we write throughout VA, MD, DC are customized after careful consideration of your unique protection needs. It is wise to build your life insurance plan early in life and while planning for the future. If you plan to have children and fully intend to be a stay-at-home mom, securing life insurance prior to having children is actually one way to build wealth while simultaneously protecting you, your spouse, and your home. Remember, life insurance is very affordable when you are young and healthy. However, should life throw you a curve and you must introduce health conditions into your policy, affordability suddenly gets much harder to find. We can help you protect yourself against this unthinkable notion.

To find out more about life insurance policies, contact TriState Business Insurance.