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Millions of Homes Underinsured

- Monday, February 13, 2017

As most know, having good custom personal insurance for your home is very important.

Unfortunately, not many Americans are adequately protected when you consider that your home is your single biggest investment and uncovered catastrophic loss to your home means catastrophic loss to you personally. You should set aside a few minutes with an independent property insurance agent to verify that whoever sold (keyword there is "sold') your current policy had YOUR best interests in mind. prepared.

Many people are not adequately covered, and part of the problem has been created by the insurance industry, according to some experts. Recently, there have been dramatic changes in the way property insurance are sold. There's that word again, sold. Independent insurance agents do not sell insurance. They consult you, identify your wants, your needs, and your risk tolerance and then go out and research all of the A-1 rated insurance carriers for the best value coverage offered across the entire insurance industry.

It is widely believed that in America, over half of homes are under-insured at the median range of 27 percent. The bulk of under-insured homeowners are those who live in high risk areas subject to winds and coastal flooding. If you own coastal or beach front property then you are particularly at risk for being under insured. Others at risk are those who make significant improvement to their property but fail to increase their insurance coverage thus putting those improvements at risk for non-loss compensation. To find out more about getting the very best value and coverage for your personal property, strongly consider consulting an independent insurance agent such as us here at TriState Business Insurance. We serve all of Maryland, Virginia, and DC.