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New Employment Can Reduce Your Auto Insurance Cost

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16 November 2017 Bookmark and Share

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Have you changed jobs recently.  Did you realize that some types of employment qualify you for reduced personal insurance and/or auto insurance rates when compared to your former employment.  It might never cross your mind to check, but is is certainly something to think about.  Here are seven occupations that score car insurance discounts:

  1. Educators

    College professors and school teachers qualify for discounts with many companies. Some  insurance companies offer up to a 10% discount for full-time K-12 teachers. Others offer special benefits for teachers in some states, including a zero deductible if a vehicle is vandalized on school property or during school events or in a collision while driving it on school business. It also provides up to $2,500 in coverage for personal teaching material or school-owned property that's stolen or damaged while in the car.

  2. First responders

    Police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians are on the roads serving and protecting us all day -- but not in their personal vehicles. They tend to live in the same communities where they work, so they don't commute long distances. And, because they don't necessarily work 9-to-5, they usually aren't commuting during rush hour. This is combined with fewer miles driven and less time on the road during peak hours when accidents are likely to occur.

  3. Medical professionals

    All those years in school can add up to good deals on car insurance. Doctors and nurses qualify for discounts with a variety of companies.

  4. Scientists and Engineers

    If you've got the wits and temperament to get through college with a math, engineering or science degree, then there's a better-than-average chance you have what it takes to avoid accidents, at least according to insurance risk studies. A variety of insurers offer discounts if you have at least a bachelor's degree in science or math.

  5. Military members

    For military members and their families, some insurance companies cater to the special needs of active and retired servicemen and women. In most states the company offers 15% discounts on comprehensive coverage for vehicles garaged on base and up to 90% discounts for stored vehicles that are not driven.

    Others offer discounts to service men and women who are on active duty, retired from the military or are members of the National Guard or Reserves, and the company offers discounts to members of several military-related professional associations.

If your occupation or degree doesn't qualify you for a rate cut, you might get a discount through membership in a professional association, fraternity or sorority, university alumni group or even your employer.

For more information on if you or your business qualifies for discounted car insurance rates, contact TriState Business Insurance.

Source: Fox Business

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