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Protect your Business with Valet Service Liability Insurance

- Thursday, December 15, 2011

If you offer valet services you need valet service insurance. Valet service is not just parking, valet services provide personal services to hotel guests, such as ironing clothes, laundering, dry cleaning, garment repair and shoe shining. Hotels are the clients of valet services, who use them with the goal of increasing their level of customer service.

Parking garages, restaurants, bars, hotels, theatres, hospitals and nightclubs also use valet services for parking.

General Liability Insurance for Valet Services – The above businesses that offer valet parking  services have significant exposure for valet services. Your employees could crash your customer’s vehicles or a vehicle could be broken into or vandalized while parked.
Your business can have Garagekeepers Legal Liability as a stand-alone policy or you can have it endorsed onto the General Liability policy of your business insurance.
Whether you hire a valet service or provide your own make sure you protect yourself from the potential problems that come along with auto liability. Contact TriState Business Insurance for more information on Valet Service Liability Insurance.