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Save Money on Car Insurance

- Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some jobs can save you money on car insurance.

People in certain fields tend to file fewer claims than in others. As a result, many car insurance companies take your education background and occupation into account to set car insurance rates.

Some companies consider those factors as part of the rating process, but don't advertise the fact. Others promote flat percentage-rate discounts for customers with certain education degrees or occupations.

People in these occupations represent a lower level of risk and the discount is designed to reflect this.

Car insurance discounts vary by company and by state. Some insurers offer discounts for particular occupations in some states, but not in other states. Some companies give discounts for a wide variety of occupations; other insurers offer discounts for just a handful. Size of the discount varies, too.

The discount can be up to 18%, which is huge if you're paying $2,000 a year for auto insurance. If you would like your car insurance reviewed, regardless of a whether it is a personal or business insurance plan, contact TriState Business Insurance.

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